iTero 3D Scanner

iTero 3D Scanner Invisalign

Introducing iTero 3D scanning technology at Nash Dental Care in Temecula, CA. With iTero, our dentists are able to get pinpoint-accurate impressions without the inconvenience, time, and discomfort of conventional dental impressions. If you have ever had a dental impression taken, you know that the thick gel and messy tray molds make for an uncomfortable experience. This type of impression is also subject to imperfections such as tears and voids, which can affect the fit and efficacy of dental and orthodontic hardware such as Invisalign.

A digital experience for the modern, digital world.

Why iTero 3D Scanner Technology?

  • Nash Dental Care can show you a virtual 3D digital image of what your smile will look like before financial committing to Invisalign
  • No Messy, Uncomfortable¬†Impression Material Required
  • Faster Turn-Around Times for Invisalign Labs

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