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Six Month Smiles - Cosmetic Braces in Temecula


Six Month Smiles is a fast, affordable way to give you the smile you always wanted in just six months – that’s right, six months! This method of treatment will move your front teeth to their most beautiful position giving you a great smile. Whether your teeth are crowded together, overlapped, or have spaces between them, Six Month Smiles will give you the smile you always wanted in just six months.

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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles utilizes the latest technology combined with time tested orthodontic techniques to move your teeth quickly and safely.

Does Six Month Smiles use high forces to move the teeth?
No. It is actually a low force technique. Many people think we just “tighten” the braces like crazy to get the teeth moving. This would actually slow down tooth movement. To reiterate, this is a low force technique.

Does Six Month Smiles damage the teeth, roots, or gums in any way?
No, the causes for the above complications are individual biology and high forces over a long period of time. Six Month Smiles uses low force with a short treatment duration to safely move the teeth.

Is Six Month Smiles more painful than regular braces?
No, this method uses low forces to move the teeth not high forces that can cause pain.

Does Six Month Smiles cost more than regular braces?
No, since there are actually fewer visits, it is less expensive than regular braces.

Do you ever extract teeth with Six Month Smiles?
We very rarely extract teeth using Six Month Smiles.

How often do I have to come in?
Usually every 4 weeks for a 15 to 30 minute appointment, and a little longer for the appointment when we put the braces on. Usually treatment is completed in 10 visits or less. Also, patients of this office are seen on time, so you will not be waiting long to be seated for your appointment.

Do I have to wear a retainer?
Yes, as with any orthodontic procedure a retainer is necessary. If you do not want to wear a retainer very long you can have your teeth splinted together.


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