Monitor Your Sugar Intake!

cute female child holding big spiral lollipop candy and huge toothbrush in dental care and health concept and unhealthy sugar abuse isolated on white background

Your favorite Temecula dentist, Nash Dental Care, wants you to be in the know about your dental care. We want inform you on how to be careful of foods and drinks with high sugar content. Be sure to watch how much and how frequently you consume sugar rich foods, because this is the main reason for tooth decay.

The Worst Foods for a Healthy Mouth

Avoid eating foods and drinks with a lot of sugar because it causes plaque and bacteria to build up in your teeth. This can cause acids to be produced and it eats away at your enamel. Sports drinks, energy drinks, and sodas have high sugar and can cause cavities to develop over time. Try avoiding these drinks, if possible!

Also, be aware of foods like candy, sweets, sodas, sticky foods, and desserts. These can have very high sugar content and can be hard on your teeth.

Preventing Tooth Decay

Plaque and bacteria buildup on and around your teeth can potentially lead to sensitivity. Always make sure to brush after meals or eating sweets to help prevent the sugars from causing tooth decay and cavities.

Nash Dental Care also wants you to make sure the little ones are keeping up with their brushing. They tend to eat a lot of candy. Also, while at the grocery store, make sure to only buy foods that have sugar by reading the label.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to help to rinse away food left behind. Fluoridated water can also help rid the mouth of plaque and bacteria. Limit snacking throughout the day, or just make sure to choose more healthy snacks that are better for your teeth. A really helpful tip to curb those cravings in between meals: chew sugarless gum.

Your favorite dentist in Temecula, CA truly cares about your dental health and we want to help you keep your teeth healthy. If you notice any changes when it comes to your teeth, make sure to call and set up an appointment!