National Children’s Dental Health Month

cute female child holding big spiral lollipop candy and huge toothbrush in dental care and health concept and unhealthy sugar abuse isolated on white background

Nash Dental Care located in Temecula, CA is honoring the month of February founded by the American Dental Association. This month is national children’s dental month and our practice wants to bring awareness to your dental health as well as your children. Did you know that starting healthy habits at a young age is crucial to ensuring dental health for the rest of their life?

Here at Nash Dental Care, our dentists Dr. Nash and Dr. Sewell will take great care of your children and show them that brushing and flossing can be fun! There is no better month than February to get your children in for their 6-month checkup and get them on track for a healthy lifestyle. Our dentists and dental hygienists will inform your children with the basic knowledge and keep them on track for a great smile.

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