Use Your Benefits, or Risk Losing Them!

Dental insurance form on the wooden table.

Nash Dental not only cares about your dental hygiene, but we also want you to use your dental benefits because you deserve them! We encourage you to call today to schedule your appointment and use your dental benefits!

Your favorite dentist in Temecula, CA hopes to see you early this season for your annual cleaning! Don’t risk your dental benefits going to waste at year-end. Be sure to use your Flex dollars ASAP! Now is the perfect time to get your family to the dentist for their annual cleanings and dental treatments.

Your dental health is our number one priority! If you don’t use your dental insurance benefits before December 31st, you will lose them. Take advantage of the benefits set aside for your dental health! People risk losing their benefits every year and their dental insurance companies make millions off of them!

So hurry and call Nash Dental Care! Get on our schedule today and get the smile you deserve just in time for the holidays!